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City of Wausau Fall Leaf Pick Up!

Click Here for the Zone’s Scheduled times for Pick up…

September 24, 2019 – PRESS RELEASE RE: Leaf Pick up 2019 – Schedule & Maps Leaves are changing colors, some are falling and it is time to discuss and schedule leaf pick up. The traditional timeline for leaf pick up has been around October 20 and the intent was to minimize the trips through the city to pick up leaves. This has been an issue in the past due to heavy debris in our storm sewers and residents only had one opportunity to rake leaves into the street for pick up. Under the Mayor’s direction, the Department of Public Works will be performing an early leaf pick up beginning September 30. The early pick up will consist of leaf vacuum trucks and sweepers; this early pick up schedule is shown on the attached map (Phase 1). There will be a leaf vacuum truck and sweepers on both the West side and East side of the city to begin picking up leaves in the gutter line. We anticipate 3 weeks to get through the City with this early pick up. Beginning October 21 the typical scheduled leaf pick up will begin and the schedule is shown on the attached map (Phase 2). During Phase 2 leaf pick up we will continue to have the leaf vacuum trucks and sweepers out to clean corner storm inlets and gutter lines. Leaf pick up will continue until freeze up or the first snow fall. Weather is always a factor in the fall and is always a factor when picking up leaves. We are expanding the leaf pick up schedule by 3 weeks hoping to catch the first fall of leaves throughout the city to prevent excessive cleaning of our storm sewers. This allows for an additional sweep through the city for the residents to rake leaves into the street for curb side leaf pick up. The city, in addition to leaf pickup, also provides a yard waste site that is free to all residents – so that you can bring your yard waste in and dispose of it for free at a time that perhaps is more convenient with your personal schedule. In addition, for a modest fee residents may order a yard waste container from Harter’s for weekly curbside pickup. We ask that residents do not rake their leaves or yard waste into the streets weeks ahead of your scheduled leaf pickup, please stock pile the leaves in your yard until it is your week for pick up. Please refrain from putting large sticks or rocks in your yard waste piles, these will damage equipment and may delay scheduled pick up throughout the city. Thank you for your assistance!

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